Meet the Writer, Tariq Ali

I’m lucky enough to get an opportunity to meet this smart funny man, Tariq Ali. My husband, Eka Kurniawan, and I met him at the hotel in Kemang, Jakarta, to give him some books. And you know what, he gave us his book too! Its tittle is Fear of Mirrors. Lucky (^,^)v Then we got a chance to have a chat. I’m not saying it was a light chat, since we talked mostly about politics! Yes, can you believe it? But Mr. Ali was a very positive person whose able to bring the conversation into a nice chat. From Pramoedya Ananta Toer to Cuba, the chat got me carried away. For a man who admit don’t know much about Indonesia (than other Asia countries), he sure knew many about Indonesian history. One funny thing happen, when he saw a news paper named Koran Jakarta. He thought it was about religion. Then I explained that ‘koran’ in Indonesian means ‘news papper’, not ‘Al-Quran’. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to meet again in a future, sometime. I don’t know any other serious writer whose fun like him.