The Wizard of OZ at Oprah Show

I am the kind of person who care about health. First, it’s because I have diabetic history run in my family. Second, my brothers, father and cousins are fat. Perhaps not as fat as American, but they are fat for Indonesian. I felt comfy to be surrounded by fat people, but not anymore. Not since I realize that it’s not healthy, and it can easily happen to me; becoming fat, live unhappy (especially because I don’t have anything to wear), and die suffer. I don’t want to be like that.

See the picture above? It’s Dr.Oz, Oprah and they’re -not very good friend- omentum. Yes, I just knew it’s name; OMENTUM, after watching Oprah Show several weeks ago at Hallmark Channel. Omentum is a bunch of fat that stays in your belly. That’s what you see in the mirror when you’re naked, and makes your belly doesn’t six pack in shape. It’s your enemy, I tell you! You don’t want to have too many omentum live in your belly.

I must say, Dr. Oz is one person who wakes me up to care about health. I guess it’s not too much if I call him as ‘a wizard’ (in a good way, of course). Although I’m not big (as in ‘fat’ — I am 5’2″ and around 112 pounds), I don’t smoke and I don’t drink either, but the diabetic history force me to do some diet. I am also easily to get fat (when I eat too much) and easily to be thiner (when I watch my eating).

After almost three years live in Jakarta, I just realize that there’s an organic canteen near where I live! Yes, they sale healthy food which taken from their own field/garden. I must say, the habit of eating non-organic food makes me feel so fresh when the first time I eat organic food products. Although it’s a bit expensive than the non-organic meal, but if have a chance (and enough money), I will definately buy organic food.

In one session of Oprah (which also invite Dr. Oz as guess star, of course), it discussed ‘The Truth About Food’. Here’s what I’ve learned (perhaps it’s also usefull for you):
1. Eating 11 pounds of fiber a day, will reduce 25% calories in ten days. Fiber as in fruits and vegetables.
2. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day will not effect your beauty (a.k.a. skin), since the water need is fulfilled by food you eat everyday.
3. Eating tomatoes will effect the beauty of your skin. It strengthen you skin from UV, it also… prevents wrinkles! (YES!)
4. The result of detox diet is not as worthy as its suffering effort!

Lately I also read a book about ‘Diet Based on Your Blood Type’. I try to follow its rules. I am an A blood-typed, and meat is not a suitable meal for me. I must eat lots of vegetables. While my husband, a B blood-typed on the other hand must eat lots of meat. The book says, it’s because (in its history) the A blood type is originally from farmers, while the B blood type is from hunters. I guess it’s a logical explanation, although -to be honest- I want to know more if it’s logical explanation. Perhaps, sometimes Oprah and Dr.Oz can explain in ‘The Truth About Food’ session.

Dear Oprah and Dr. Oz, if you read this posting, please leave a comment…. :)

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  1. hey, i watched dr. oz in oprah as well. he is the only one who made me anxious about the sun-infra-red’s danger to our skin. thanks to him, life is becoming more complicated :’p

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