DIY Frozen Birthday Party for Kinan

Kinan is turning 4, and she’s crazy about Frozen. So I decided to throw a Frozen birthday party. For the first time in forever, I organize the party all by myself :) Hunting all Frozen stuff for birthday was not as easy. However I made it, found them in different places. I actually have made a home made pinata, but did not manage to open. Oh, well… no problem. This will be an unforgettable birthday Kinan ever had :)

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Peringatan Pemerintah!

imageSaya tahu, ketika saya menulis ini, saya pasti dapat banyak hujatan dari sejumlah orang. Khususnya mereka yang anti rokok. Ah, gapapa…udah biasa. Sejak menulis Gadis Kretek, kayaknya memang saya panen hujatan. Ya sutra lah ya….

Saya tidak mau berbicara soal mendukung rokok atau tidak. Saya lagi iseng saya ingin menulis hal yang menarik perhatian saya akhir-akhir ini, yaitu soal Peringatan Pemerintah di kemasan rokok.

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It was new year’s eve when I decided to get ink. I told my good friend, Anis, her opinion. I know what I want: an ambigram of names of two persons I love the most. My mom and my daughter. The thought of having an ink appear years ago, to be exact when I wrote a short story, “Foto Ibu”. But never really thought in a chapter of my life I would someday have one. Well, now it’s on me.

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