Melbourne Writers Festival 2015

The season was still winter, they say, as I packed my luggage to go to Melbourne, late August 2015. Although it’s not snowy, but the chill windy air made us need to wear a coat, and a scarf.

This year, I and Kinan (our daughter) got a chance to attend Melbourne Writers Festival to accompany my husband, Eka Kurniawan. He had two sessions; “In Conversation with Eka Kurniawan”, and the second one was “Panel: Reading Indonesia”, together with Indonesian writer, Maggie Tiojakin.

Text Publishing invited us to their party the night before the festival begun. Famous writers all over the world, writers published by Text Publishing, were there. Penny and Michael, the couples owner of the publishing welcomed us warmly.

Jane from Text Publishing showed us how to to go from our hotel on Collins, we walked to the venue of Melbourne Writers Festival, ACMI. The pink banners surrounded the unique building. The volunteers’ also wearing white shirt with pink straps printed on in. They’re prepared really well to welcome their special guests; regular snack, beverages, gluten-free snack, even colored pencils for kids.

At once, I thought David Bowie will have a concert there, since Bowie’s face was all over the building. But one of the volunteer explained to me that it’s just an exhibition of David Bowie there. What a promotions!

Beside panels with writers, they also have book signing in the front row of the book shops and exhibition.