Photo Shoot at Pullman Hotel Jakarta

It was a beautiful day on Sunday, 23 August 2015. Aelke, I and our dear friend, Anis rushed the morning to Pullman Hotel, Jakarta. Ms. Rita welcomed us friendly and showed us the hotel she worked for. The lobby itself shows clearly that they picked one clear design concept for the hotel: a hotel gallery. Statues, paintings and contemporary arts are here and there as the interior design of the hotel. Even the chairs, sofas and centerpieces are clearly show that the hotel really thought it trough on designing its interior.

Not long, then we started the photo shooting. We decided to use Fit and Spa of Pullman Hotel Jakarta as the set for photo session. The colorful guest room of Fit and Spa creates an elegant background. They also have a zen garden, beside -of course- a pool, where they arrange yoga session every Sunday morning. Aelke Mariska, the beautiful girl who once was a model, now she prefers to be behind the scene artist, focus on designing and photographing. Her taste, the clean look, always makes the object looks pop, especially among the beautiful artsy hotel, Pullman Hotel Central Park, Jakarta, Indonesia, as the background. This is the sneak peak of her work, which will be put on my next published fiction.