(No Longer) The Ugly Sister

As we started out our Two Days Workshop, our mentor, Mr. Aaron R. Thomas said, “TV series is no longer the ugly sister of features film.” This sentence made us laugh. The word ‘ugly sisters’ seems to me a strong word. It contains underestimate on it. The thing is; it’s not wrong either. “Most of young writers,” Mr. Thomas continued his lecture, “prefer to become writer of features film. Becoming TV Series writer is never been their first option, and so was I.” But then he told us story of how he ends-up as a TV Series writer. He started as an Unpaid Intern, up to now he’s a Supervising Producer (which of course he earns good payment).

Aaron R. Thomas is writer for CSI: NY, Numb3rs and Friday Night Lights. His lecture let us to know more about ‘procedural driven plot’, which is not very often use in Indonesian TV Series. Our TV Series, or as we called as sinetron, mostly use ‘character driven plot’ that focus on emotional of the character. This kind of plot, I must say, is Indonesian audiences’ favorite.

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